My additional element

For decades flatness dominated the abstract Art. Pretending to be a computer and playing with 3-D I wanted to add some volumes to Kandinsky’s forms and shapes and to the spots and splashes of Pollock’s works.

My curiosity was rewarded with unexpected, growing, chaotic, self-developing structures which demanded a certain level of complexity before coming to the state of balance.


Intuition, curiosity end metaphysical ambitions brought me to the conclusion that Art and philosophy could express the same content – the Divine. After the cosmology of the Avant-Garde, the only logical way to my contribution was cosmogony-to look out to the other side of our physical reality.

Using metaphor as a language, a sense of humour as a tool, imagination as a magic wand, I have eventually arrived to visualize the Divine World of “After Physics”, as define by Aristotle. The Divine Laboratory, where new universes are being created, the Divine Kitchen –where new primordial soups are being cooked from new primordial ingredients.