Consolidation Zone

Oil on canvas, 200 x 220cm, Nancy and Norton Dodge collection of the Soviet Underground Art, USA


Zone investigation

Amongst others, the meaning of the word “Zone” in Russian is the place of confinement, an ominous, damned place. The place which is not suitable for life. Surprisingly, this place is inhabited. What is more, if you were born in Zone and are not deprived of curiosity, your unique experience represents a certain interest. Many things in Zone can excite your inquisitiveness, such as:

Physics and Metaphysics
Flora and Fauna
Sirens singing and Sphinxes howling
Sages and Prophets
Cookery Books and the History of Cultivation of Hemlock

There are some Festivals in the Zone; but the author must say that for many years he has been having the same dream: he is escaping from the Zone. We are approaching the main theme here-the theme of Escape. This, as you possibly realised by now, is the favourite, I would say the author’s fixed idea.